With results comes responsibility

The team at Donor Republic have an outstanding reputation for delivering top quality results. With that comes great responsibility. It is a responsibility that we take on with great pride and enthusiasm. We are proud of our partnerships in the community and we work tirelessly to ensure that we deliver on the Donor Republic Guiding Principles.

A team founded on values and principles

When founders Marcus Blease and Andrew Sabatino set up Donor Republic, it was important to them to be different and to set a customer service standard that was unrivalled by any other agency. So through taking on a workshop process of their own, they developed their Donor Republic Guiding Principles.

Four Pillar Fundraising will transform your results

We believe in setting up a best practice fundraising programs by following Donor Republic’s Four Pillars of Fundraising. Understanding each of the pillars is paramount to your fundraising success. When all pillars are integrating and working in harmony, then you know you have a great foundation for fundraising success.

The Donor Republic Star of Giving

The Donor Republic Star of Giving is an easy practical way to ensure you have incorporated some essential fundraising principles into your fundraising work.

Donor Republic Co-Founder, Andrew Sabatino developed the Star of Giving in 2012 as a way to educate his team about fundraising basics.

Get in touch to find out how the Star of Giving helped transform the Guide Dogs SA Direct Mail program.

Donor Republic’s Guiding Principles

1. We get you

We’ve been there. We take time to get to know your organisations strategy, mission, culture, what’s worked and what hasn’t and your current way of working.

2. To create connected passionate donors

Through research and analysis, we strive to engage and develop relationships with targeted prospect and existing donors through a holistic communication strategy.

3. Through innovative, sustainable and personalised asks that put the donor at the heart of everything we do

We strive to seek out new ways for a donor to give to your cause that best suits them and their life-stage.

4. Making donors feel thanked and valued by allowing them to experience their impact

Our holistic focus on ensuring the donor doesn’t just feel ‘thanked’ but feels valued through a variety of appropriate channels to experience the impact they contribute to which will see the relationship flourish.

5. By continuous testing, learning and implementing. We always strive to do better

We will always hold briefing and debrief meetings, test, seek learnings and drive continuous improvement. Our passion to improve is at our core.

6. Then we repeat, with optimism, energy and passion 

Good fundraising and marketing is about consistency. But we make it a great experience by bringing lots of optimism, energy and passion. We know you’ll enjoy working with us.