Cancer Council South Australia

The challenge

We were asked to help reboot Cancer Council South Australia’s entire regular giving communications strategy by developing a brand-new proposition.

Our approach

After an audit of Cancer Council South Australia’s regular giving communications, we spotted an opportunity to replace their existing rational-driven content with communications that focused more on emotions. We started work immediately, swapping out cold statistics and facts for warm stories and case studies.

We then went deeper and discovered what matters most for people affected by cancer is time: the quantity, as well as the quality of it. And by making a regular donation, supporters could give people with cancer more of both. A new proposition was born.

The results

By focusing on the emotional impact of cancer, we were able to develop a powerful new regular giving strategy.

  • Retention of Regular Giving donors increased by 250% over three years
  • Development of powerful new proposition – Give the gift of time
  • Increased focus on stories and emotional impact

Our client

Cancer Council is Australia’s leading cancer charity, and the only Australian charity working across every aspect of every cancer, from research to prevention and support.


The key to developing effective donor communications is knowing what motivates supporters to give. In this case, a shift from focusing on rational facts and figures to telling engaging emotional stories created a more meaningful experience for donors and led to stronger responses.