The Alfred

The challenge

The Alfred asked us to develop a supporter survey that would provide vital biographical information, new stories, updated contact details, and an understanding of what the hospital meant to supporters.

Our approach

We created an engaging supporter survey pack that was sent to 8,800 loyal supporters, helping us to identify Gifts in Wills opportunities from the pool of existing donors. The pack also encouraged significant gifts and regular giving as options to support the hospital’s work.

The Alfred booklet

The result

The pack was well received and produced a large number of responses.

  • 13% response rate – over 1,100 responders
  • 1.18 ROI – single gift income
  • Over 120 new Gift in Wills leads
  • 149 leads indicated an interest in leaving a significant gift or becoming a regular giver.

Our client

The Alfred is a health service caring for all Victorians, and the provider of 14 statewide services including major trauma, burns, intensive care and organ transplants.


Supporter surveys continue to be a key way that organisations can uncover potential Gifts in Wills leads, while also gathering informative data and new stories for future campaigns.