Top Trends in Fundraising Events – March 2024

The number of charity events grew by 129% across 2022, but revenue increased only by 19%, and worryingly, virtual events declined by 8%. Now that 2023 is done, what is the data telling us, and what does this mean for your events portfolio in 2024?

Fundraising events guru Marcus Blease, Director and Cofounder and Zeb Stone, Group Account Director of Events at Donor Republic, break down fundraising event benchmarking data from 2021, 2022 and 2023 and reveal what’s ahead, answering questions that will help take your charity event further:

  • How competitive is the charity event market?
  • What areas are performing well and which aren’t?
  • What are the key metrics within events and how have they performed?
  • Are certain event types performing well?
  • How are Facebook Challenges performing?
  • How has the return of physical events played out?
  • What trends are we seeing that are delivering positive returns?
  • The top 30 Australian fundraising events across 2023!

Enjoy this webinar packed with easy to apply tactics that will optimise your events.