Grow your business through a strategy first approach

The most common question we ask when working with a new client is ‘What is your current fundraising and marketing strategy?’. Then nine times out of ten, cue the tumble weeds and crickets chirping. At Donor Republic, we follow a process of auditing the past, reviewing the current and planning the future in order to maximise your strategic potential.

Brief Us

Fundraising Strategy

A fundraising strategy is the master plan that ties all the programs together. It brings clarity on ‘why’ you do the things you do. Developing a fundraising strategy is a detailed and considered process that maximizes the potential of each program, process and person to ultimately lead your fundraising team to ultimate success.

Marketing & Communications Strategy

Consumer Marketing is critical if you want to increase the uptake of your services. Often charities focus on donors and forget about the people who they serve – their beneficiaries. Establishing which messages to communicate to which people can be confusing, but our methodology gets to the heart of what you are trying to communicate. We have a wealth of experience in building marketing programs which deliver results.

Brand Strategy

Getting to the heart of your organisations essence is something very few do well. Why? Well it takes time and some pretty esoteric discussion. Don’t have your accountants in the room when we host a brand essence session, unless you want to see some fairly funny stuff.

Brands build businesses, and the best way to build brand is through consistency. We can help establish a brand guideline that will support your organisations brand building efforts.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy often doesn’t get the consideration it deserves and usually gets rolled into all other strategies. Given the data around the growth in digital fundraising and marketing, we encourage all clients to consider their digital strategy.

From website development, to social media, to acquisition of donors or consumers through to google analytics, adwords and remarketing, Donor Republic can support you in all areas of digital strategy.

Audit Past
Review Current
Plan Future

The Donor Republic Approach

The Audit

Audits are a really powerful tool to bring together all the past and current work that has led an organisation to where it is today. Fact finding and knowledge building is a big part of this process.

Planning the future

Now that all the review and audits are done, its time to build your future. This is a really exciting place to be where all the elements of a business pull together to create a focused approach that gets to the heart of what you are trying to achieve.

Building the strategy

We build strategy documents using easy to understand frameworks from years of experience. We are happy to work with any of your businesses templates also.

Implementing and review

Once your strategy document is up and running, then the real work begins. Donor Republic will help you build implementation and review processes to ensure you know you are on track.