Develop your digital footprint to achieve maximum results

The digital environment can often be complex and confusing. Our digital mapping process simplifies things by taking a complicated framework and making it easy for you to navigate through. Donor Republic can support you in website development, digital fundraising, digital engagement and integration, social media support right through to analytics that drive program success.

Digital Audits

If you’re looking to create a digital presence and don’t know where to start, why not ask us for a digital audit. An audit is a powerful tool to get a snapshot of your current activity and performance, which helps create a benchmark to get your journey started. Reviewing your website, staff knowledge, internal systems and processes, social media and analytics provides a great starting point for audit purposes.

Website Build and Advice

If you’re looking to create a new website or just need advice on how to improve your existing one, we can provide any level of support to suit your needs.

Your website is one of the most powerful marketing assets you can have, particularly in today’s day in age where web traffic usage is increasing daily.

Digital Acquisition and Engagement

Wanting to recruit new donors from a digital source? Better yet, need help on-boarding and keeping them? Donor Republic has lots of experience in this area.

Recruiting new donors is hard enough, particularly in a channel that can often be complex to navigate through. We can support you from the acquisition strategy right through to the execution and analysis of a campaign.

Social Media

If you need help with establishing a new or enhancing an existing social media strategy, then we can support you. There are a myriad of social media channels out there that are constantly evolving, so understanding the elements within each platform is critical to achieving the right result.

Donor Republic can support you from overarching social media strategies right through to posting on your behalf if you need us to.

Analytics, AdWords and Re-marketing

If you need support in navigating through analytics, AdWords and re-marketing, our team can show you the basics right through to the advanced.

Understanding what your donors or customers are searching is paramount to knowing which words and phrases you need to advertise with. Once you have their attention, we can support you in making sure you are top of mind with re-marketing applications.