Data analytics will support your campaigns performance

The role of data in campaign performance is paramount, therefore the better you understand your data, the more likely you are to succeed. Donor Republic can support you with the selection of your campaign data and offer full data hygiene including data append services. Data Audits are one of the best ways to establish your organisations benchmark performance whilst learning key insights aimed to improve your fundraising and marketing programs.

Donorbase Audit

Donorbase (or Database) Audits are one of the best ways to understand past and current fundraising performance. These audits are often useful within a Strategic Fundraising process as it provides a detailed snapshot of how your programs work in isolation and how they work together. Key insights from donorbase audits often provide a solid platform for recommendations which lead to growth opportunities. They also provide a benchmark to compare future audits to in order to determine how results are tracking. Quarterly re-fresh services are also available and are a great way to monitor and learn about performance.

Data Hygiene and Append Services

Data hygiene and cleansing is an extremely valuable process that can help companies save time and increase their efficiency. Regular hygiene can remove duplicate data, fix and amend poorly formatted or incorrect data and amend incomplete data from CRM’s.

Data append services allow you to expand on the variety of data that you hold therefore making contacting supporters more accessible. This means that companies can save not only time but money by regularly cleansing and appending data. Call us today to get a free hygiene and append analysis today.

Dashboard development

Dashboard reporting provides clear and easy interpretation of any data selections. They often turn hours of conversation around campaign performance into more direct evidence based dialogue saving you vital time and energy. Dashboard reporting often aims to identify the key program performance indicator that have the biggest impact on your organisation at any point of time.

Campaign support and Analytics

Donor Republic works with many clients in recommending which data to select for fundraising campaign selection for both acquisition and warm campaigns. Our data analysts can also develop a post campaign results analysis with a detailed summary of segment performance along with recommendations moving forward. Our team can do as much or as little as you need at any stage of your campaign development.