Cancer 200

2021 FIA Best Supporter Experience

The challenge

The team at the MACA Cancer 200 were looking for new ways to increase participation, engagement, and revenue from one of Western Australia’s most beloved charity events.

Our approach

Donor Republic first started working with the MACA Cancer 200 in 2019. Following best-practice fundraising wisdom, we introduced a range of new tactics including dashboard emails, incentives and challenges, badges, connection to cause via case studies and a brand new high value ‘Honour Roll’ program.

The results

New ideas and smart fundraising tactics led to a huge boost in revenue for the MACA Cancer 200.

  • 2019 fundraising revenue of $4.88million (up from $4.1million)
  • 2021 fundraising revenue of $7million ($2.3million above target)
  • FIA Award 2021 for Best Supporter Experience

The client

The MACA Cancer 200 is based on riders taking up a personal challenge of riding 200km in two days in October to fight cancer and support medical research. Unlike other rides, the MACA Cancer 200 is not a race. It’s an emotional, challenging, personal event where new people start as strangers and end as a family.


The MACA Cancer 200 has a special place in the hearts of many West Australians. By building on the goodwill in the race and introducing innovative modern fundraising strategies, we were able to help increase revenue from $4.1million to $7million in just three years.