The challenge

HalfCut is a small, but rapidly growing charity founded by incredibly energetic couple, Jimmy and Jess. The couple asked for Donor Republic’s help in their goal to raise $1 million to purchase 13.8 hectares of the Daintree Rainforest for preservation.

Our approach

We worked with Jimmy and Jess to clarify their branding and proposition, and develop an integrated strategy to acquire more supporters for the HalfCut Challenge, where participants shave half their beard, or colour, cut or braid half their hair.

The results

For a growing organisation, HalfCut have achieved some impressive results in a short space of time.

  • Total raised – $948,565 (up from $365,999 in 2020)
  • 664 registrations, 115 teams
  • Average individual raised – $1,019
  • Average team raised – $8,593
  • All metrics have increased YoY
  • Total fundraising up by 159%
  • Registrations up by 106%
  • Avg individual raised up by 20%
  • Avg team raised up by 133%

The client

HalfCut is a peer to peer, social and environmental movement that engages all people to raise funds for forest regeneration and conversation. HalfCut aims to protect crucial forests for habitat for threatened and endangered species, protect Traditional Owners land titles, start mass tree planting projects and ultimately be part of the solution to the growing climate emergency.


Jimmy and Jess created HalfCut from scratch and deserve a great deal of credit for achieving so much through their own efforts. By learning from Donor Republic’s team of experts and applying our strategies, they are setting HalfCut up to become one of Australia’s most exciting and powerful movements for positive change.

Jimmy & Jess from HalfCut