Vision Australia

The challenge

After a number of years without change, Vision Australia’s Gifts in Wills program needed a serious lift, and Donor Republic were invited to find new and innovate ways to inspire and educate donors to leave a bequest.

Our approach

We created a new Gifts in Wills proposition that was beautifully simple, but flexible enough to be used across every available channel.

Next, we launched the Gifts in Wills program through an inspiring direct mail campaign. Over six months, potential bequestors received packs full of peer endorsements, case studies and compelling reasons to give – but without a single ask. A pilot TV campaign followed, which was backed up by telemarketing.

The results

Our unique three-wave campaign followed the strategy of awareness, consideration and conversion, and achieved astounding results.

  • 200+ new confirmed bequestors
  • 500+ supporters expressing interest in leaving a gift
  • Over $14million in projected bequest income
  • An Australian-first Gifts in Wills strategy  

Our client

Vision Australia is a leading national provider of blindness and low vision services in Australia. The organisation supports more than 25,500 people of all ages and life stages through 35 centres across the country.


Sometimes, a counter-intuitive approach to fundraising can work wonders. By sending multiple direct mail packs over six months, all with no ask and no pressure, donors were given the time and space they needed to make a considered decision about leaving a gift in their will.