Blind Low Vision NZ

The challenge

Blind Low Vision NZ asked Donor Republic to develop a creative acquisition campaign to cold lists with the goal of attracting new donors and creating an uplift in overall giving.

Our approach

In partnership with Blind Low Vision NZ, we introduced a first-in-market “sock pack”, based on a proven concept conceived and developed by Donor Republic in the Australian market. The “sock pack” features all the elements of a regular acquisition pack plus the surprising addition of a pair of socks. Donor Republic was proud to introduce this strategy into Australia and New Zealand, and the idea has since taken off around the world.

The results

The innovative ’sock pack’ strategy was a big hit with the target market, and resulted in some excellent results for Blind Low Vision NZ:

  • RR lifted from 1% to 6.7%
  • Return On Investment of 0.90
  • Income increased fivefold

Our client

Blind Low Vision NZ provide practical and emotional support for Kiwis who are blind or have low vision, helping them face the future with confidence and live a life without limits.


We always encourage our clients to be open to new ideas, and in this campaign, Blind Low Vision NZ reaped the benefits of trying something new and exciting in New Zealand. The success of this campaign has provided a solid base for future growth.